Rolling on the river

Life goes pretty slow right now. Not much is happening, but that is pretty relaxing at the same time. 
Went on a boat trip with my grandma and grandpa today. We had perfect weather, and that is something that isn't happpening so often in Sweden.
One time tho, the boat almost flipped around, and that wasn't nice at all -but let us ignore that part, and see it from the good side-. 

Walking and talking in the capital with Mathilda

Had a super day today!
And also, today it's the crown princess birthday, to happy bitrhday to you!


Met Helen at the bus station and we walked to Arena Sateliten, there we helped some friends to Helen to be choir for their song. It was like a hip hop/ rap song. And one of the things (except the singing part) was to scream/yell "sit down" that were gonna be in the background. 
I'm not totally the person who yells at people, but it just felt so great to get out some anger. There isn't much anger I carry on, but it happened an incident for some months ago that made me so mad, and I'm in a 100% peace from that now. You should try to do that. Be background singer for a rap song. 

Then we went home to my place, Helen and I, and ate some cake and discussed life. An hour later we took the bus to a mall there we first ate supper, and then watched Jurassic World at the mall's movie theatre. 
I love Jurassic Park, and Jurassic world wasn't bad at all in my opinion! 
After the movie we walked to a park and also figured out how Jurassic World should continue. - What if T-Rex could Swim?-.
Days with my best friends are usually always great! 

Absolutely nothing happened. Just relaxed and had a great sleeping day. 

Met my friends Karin, Gabrialla, Samira and Octavian at one of my towns mall. We ate lunch (sushi). Then we walked to the library. I haven't been at the library for years!
Then we all ate some fika -a sweet snack with usually a coffee-. I got a cinnamon roll, and K, G, S, O got ice cream. 
Then Gabriella went home and the rest of us went shopping. 
After a while I needed to go home because I needed to go to a car license class the same afternoon.

When I got home I took with me all the papers I needed for the class. I decided to take the bike to the place there the class was suppose to be. But then it started to rain. First if was nice but then it almost was like being under a waterfall. I was soaked wet when I finally arrived to my destination.
I like rain. I need to admit that. I get relaxed when I'm in the rain. But not when I'm soaked wet.

The class were 3 hours long, and it was actually interesting. It was about what alcohol, drugs, stress change your way to drive and similar stuff in the same area that has to do with driving and safety.

I was tired the whole day. I slept almost the whole day. 

Today I went to the supermarket/ grocery store to buy marmalade that was going to be for the supper. It was sunny so I walked. 

When I got home I continued to organize my room and get rid of stuff that I don't want/need anymore so I get  space for new stuff. 

For supper we made Coconut Shrimps - Bubba Gump, and it was delicious! 
Recomend people to try it at Bubba's Shrimp bar or at home.

Tomorrow I will practice driving. That are the plans so far for tomorrow.