We age not by years, but by stories

Good evening! 

It is P E R F E C T weather outside! You can't imagine how beautiful it is outside!!
It's sunny with a small winds. Not too hot and definately not too cold. As we say it in Swedish: "Lagom".
Today I have been a "good girl". Walked to an asian grocery store and bought some coriander (I will do salsa this weekend, so need it). Then I walked back home again and when I got home I mow the lawn. 
When I was done with that I removed everything I had in my wardrobe and tried everything that was inside of it. Found out that a lot of clothes were too small, so will give them away.
Now I have place for all my clothes I bought in U.S, yeay!
Then I continued to organize my room. Some old stuff just need to get out, and new stuff in! 
I put up photos on the wall, such as letters + postcards. It feels great to look at them every night before I go to sleep. I need to print some more out, so that is one of 10 projects I'm working with for the moment. 
I love this picture. My american mom took it, and I smile everytime I see it. It was a great day from the start till the end. I got to see everyone I have met in that beautiful town. I felt so proud that day. I was so happy and it was an amaxing experene. I love my siblings to death, and this picture says more than thousand words.
ANYWAY, if I now stop dream away;
After hours of organizing, I took a nap because I was so tired. I slept for an hour and then my mom got home. We decided to eat somewhere outside. We took the bikes and went to a sushi place. 
I love asian food, and we went to a new restaurant that had opened during the time I was gone. I say like this. I will without doubt eat there again. 
I also teached my mom how instagram works. Was almost like explaining how the universe is build up... took forever but I think she undertand most of it now... 
Then we took the bikes home, and here I am. In the garden in the perfect weather and enjoying some real summer days!


Agneta säger:

En riktig mor och dotter-kväll med lite mys, god mat samt lite allmänt tjafs om vem som är smartast. Kram,

2015-07-02 | 21:33:21

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