We age not by years, but by stories

Good evening! 

It is P E R F E C T weather outside! You can't imagine how beautiful it is outside!!
It's sunny with a small winds. Not too hot and definately not too cold. As we say it in Swedish: "Lagom".
Today I have been a "good girl". Walked to an asian grocery store and bought some coriander (I will do salsa this weekend, so need it). Then I walked back home again and when I got home I mow the lawn. 
When I was done with that I removed everything I had in my wardrobe and tried everything that was inside of it. Found out that a lot of clothes were too small, so will give them away.
Now I have place for all my clothes I bought in U.S, yeay!
Then I continued to organize my room. Some old stuff just need to get out, and new stuff in! 
I put up photos on the wall, such as letters + postcards. It feels great to look at them every night before I go to sleep. I need to print some more out, so that is one of 10 projects I'm working with for the moment. 
I love this picture. My american mom took it, and I smile everytime I see it. It was a great day from the start till the end. I got to see everyone I have met in that beautiful town. I felt so proud that day. I was so happy and it was an amaxing experene. I love my siblings to death, and this picture says more than thousand words.
ANYWAY, if I now stop dream away;
After hours of organizing, I took a nap because I was so tired. I slept for an hour and then my mom got home. We decided to eat somewhere outside. We took the bikes and went to a sushi place. 
I love asian food, and we went to a new restaurant that had opened during the time I was gone. I say like this. I will without doubt eat there again. 
I also teached my mom how instagram works. Was almost like explaining how the universe is build up... took forever but I think she undertand most of it now... 
Then we took the bikes home, and here I am. In the garden in the perfect weather and enjoying some real summer days!


See the things you have before it's too late

A new day and the same bus since 16 years back make noises outside my window. I'll soon get used to it again. 
It's kind of like the trains that used to pass by in Nebraska. You get used to it and it's something that you will miss if you can't hear it.

It's great weather in Sweden if anyone is wondering. Usually in June it's a lot of rain, so pretty impressed that it so sunny as it actually is. 

Met my friend Gabriella yesterday at my towns shopping mall. We went to a park, and it was awesome. We just talked for hours. It was so much we haven't talked about for 10 months. Had a wonderful time with my buddy! 

Ny dag.  Har slagit över midnatt och bussarna går utanför fönstret som de alltid har gjort så länge jag kan minnas. 

Jag träffade Gabriella idag vid Sollentuna Centrum. Vi gick till Edsbergsparken. Strålande väder och vi  satt och snackade i timmar. Var underbart! Det var så mycket som  vi inte har berättat! 
Suverän dag var det allt!  

Just because the sports are over...

Went to the public pool alone for some mornings ago to start up a swimming rutine again before I foreget to much of what I have learnt. It was me and three people that seemed to be in the age of 80. So I had a lot of space and silence, which felt pretty awesome. 
I'm not as fast as I used to, and I get tired faster. But kept going as much as I could, so it's a start. 
Åkte till simhallen ensam för några dagar sedan för att komma igång med en ny simrutin innan jag glömmer alltdeles för mycket av vad jag lärt mig i simteamet. 
Det var jag och tre andra som såg ut att vara i 80 års åldern, så hade med andra ord ycket plats och hade det tyst, vilket kändes väldigt skönt. 
Jag är inte lika snabb som jag var då, och blir tröttar fortare. Men körde så mycket jag orkade, så det är en början. 
The day before yesterday I went out to the golf course and played some golf.
Mostly I played at the ranch to practise, not complaing at all. It was great weather and it didn't felt like it was 10 moths since I had played golf last time. 
I förrgår åkte ag ut till golfbanan och spelade golf. 
Mest så slog jag ut vid ranchen för att öva; och klagar inte över huvud taget. 
Det var grymt väder och jag kände att jag inte hade tappat mycket alls. Senaste gången var ju 10 månader sedan!
And then today I went out running. It felt great. I was running in the forest and didn't stop much at all. 
Guess I 'm not to lazy. 
Gick idag ut och sprang i skogen. Kändes super, för stannade nästan inte över huvudtaget. 
Så gissar på att jag inte är för lat.

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