Veckans planer

Will see if the internet decides if it want to work or not this week. 

Tomorrow I will go by train to my grandma (on my mothers side) and spend the day with her. In the evening I will leave and go by train to my grandma + grandpa on my fathers side. I will spend some days in their house/cottage and will there also celebrate Swedish midsummer. For all you Americans, I will explain it more in detail for you, so something for you to look forward to (or I like that tradition, and you can make your own opinion about it). 

We start with small steps. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Will leave early, and I still have a bit jet lag, so tired in the morning... But they have Starbucks at the central station, Wayne's coffee and also Espresso house, so will hopefully wake up after a coffee. 
My bag is packed and during the entire day I have reorganized my room. Much more space now - still a lot more work to do until it's done - want to get in with new stuff and out with some stuff I won't use anymore. 

Have a great night/day everybody'!


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