Bloggen kommer från nu gå från svenska till engelska, eventuellt båda.

Now this blog will be for you American people especially. For you to follow my Swedish life, and also another way to keep in touch. 

Yesterday I said goodbye to my hostfamily. It was so sad, can't even be described.  Felt like the tears never wanted to stop, and now I know why there are so many lakes in Grand Island... 
People should not be forced to leave this place, and so family Kriz. I love them so much, and is not just a thing I say so it "sounds cute", I really mean it! 

I will come back to Nebraska, hopefully soon.
I'm going now for 18 days on a vacation around in the U.S. Then I will end up in Oakland, CA, and take the flight back to Sweden from there. 

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Svar: Kraaaam <3
Cecilia H

2015-05-20 | 00:52:34

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